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Was there electronic music that really stood out as shaping this album?I kind of feel, and he might not even agree with this, a lot of the tracks really reminded me of a lot of the dreamier moments of '90s electronica that really appealed to me and was so much a part of the culture in San Francisco, like Orbital or an Olive, some trip-hoppy moments in a sense without the scratching.Where did you find time to do Blaqk Audio with all of these projects? It’s interesting you and Jade have three different projects together.Jade is always writing, so we were simultaneously writing the Blaqk Audio record and once the XTRMST record got finished and the tour was finished. What does it afford you creatively to be able to do all three of these?It’s real exciting for us to have these outlets because Jade and I come from very similar musical backgrounds, albeit very broad musical backgrounds.

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From there I got into punk rock and hardcore and the industrial bands like Skinny Puppy and Ministry.Tell us about “Waiting To Be Told.”It is the opening track on the record and it really harkens back to a genre that very much influenced Jade and I and that really was a genre that inspired us to start moving on creating Blaqk Audio, which was, at this point, 15 years ago, believe it or not.Around the turn of the century there were so many great artists making so much great music and “Waiting To Be Told,” to me, really spoke to that genre of music and that period of time in my life.And when we started writing it was just sparks and it’s been great working with them.Like I said it’s a little premature to talk about it, so I can’t go too deep into it.

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