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Of working with Brenda Dickson who originated the role of Jill, Cooper said: "Brenda had as much fun with the Katherine/Jill relationship as Jess and I did. ' storyline and our characters were in court, and being thrown about, a faction of fans lined up at CBS with posters marching, and this group flew in from the east coast. Then, I in turn said to her, 'Well all these people must have gotten pregnant by someone else’s husband.' They had to get us out of the studio because we had death threats!

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When Bell's plan proved successful, Cooper was signed to a contract.

They fall in love and she divorces Derek for Filipe.

In 1984, Katherine went under the knife for a facelife with her close friend, Liz Foster (Julianna Mc Carthy), by her side despite her feud with Jill, Liz's daughter.

Katherine put her faith in Derek and put him in charge of Chancellor Industries; however, when the company begins to fail, she hires Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) Derek's place.

Katherine later becomes godmother to Victor and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)'s daughter, Victoria.

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