Who is john ocallaghan dating

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I have never heard anything by him that's even remotely interesting.

It took John O' Callaghan just a few short years to outrun the 'next big thing' tag and switch over onto the A-list fast track.

Well, I know that the Haley girl they are talking about lives in Tempe, Arizona and goes to Arizona State, where John used to go.

So i guess their is a high possibility that Haley and John are dating.

A name that is synonymous when it comes to refined vocal trance, John O'Callaghan's newest addition is the exceptional collaboration with avant-garde songstress Clare Stagg in 'Lies Cost Nothing'.

As an artist that is responsible for creating some of the standout vocal tracks of recent times, O'Callaghan yet again demonstrates why he is at the absolute top of his game with a Celtic soundscape that provides the perfect backdrop for Stagg's hauntingly emotive lyrics.

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