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Rather than trying to fit each partner into her 73-point checklist, Julia wanted to break free and learn how to love without the attachment of whether or not someone was enough to be her husband.

After all, how can you find a truly healthy relationship when you aren’t enough for yourself?

It was a Burning Man wedding of self love and the celebration was about feeling completely whole as ONE without needing another to fill a void or make her happy.

I went from confusion to intrigue, from intrigue to understanding, and finally from understanding to feeling completely inspired.

If you’re not too busy dirty dancing with Papa Chevalier’s heterosexual husband … Hell, Rain even enabled her batshit insane “recovered memories” re: having been a “Hallelujah Breeder” goddess in a previous life, so of course he’d suck on this piece of hard candy: Yummy!

) high-powered grifter Stacey Morgenstern’s social media posts.

Julia gave such an incredible gift to everyone who witnessed her ceremony; she reminded us to fall deeply in love with who we are so that we can fully share that with whomever else we want to share it with. I jokingly asked Julia if she would divorce herself when she finally did meet the person she wanted to spend her life with.

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Big, an epithet you can probably put on your resume, redeemable for infinite NYC ass later in life. ” election on Thursday so the candidate with the most ambitious set of computer-savvy ballot-stuffing friends wins.They ranged from grace and inner strength, to compassion and courage, all with focus on the power that comes from within.In true Julia fashion, she shared her own story with wit and humor, weaving the bridesmaids’ messages into the whole point of why she was marrying herself in the first place.Julia is currently writing a book about happiness and her quest to get there.You can find out more on her website by clicking here.

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