Who is katherine heigl dating

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One of those, like, really, really serious fights," Kelley says of the song's inspiration."No one cheated, no one did anything that was an absolute game-ender," Heigl adds.Nonetheless, the 38-year-old mom of three said that "Josh to this day doesn’t quite believe me." Apparently, Heigl didn't do such a great job convincing Corden she was telling the truth, either."It’s getting to the point now you’re saying ‘friends’ so much I’m starting to think you slept with him," he joked.

Heigl said, "We knew some of the same people and had some friends in common."Years later, after they'd both found fame, "We met up at one of his concerts. I had run into John, who was in town making a record or something. He would talk to me about other hot girls and stuff; it was friends."By this point, James Corden began to question if she was telling the truth. The actress explained that prior to marrying her husband Josh Kelley, she pretended that she was dating John, to make Josh jealous.We're not sure whether this is pure genius, or madness.I was like, 'If this isn't exclusive and you're dating other people, that's fine, but I'm going to continue seeing John. The actress and the singer tied the knot in Park City, Utah, the following year, and they later adopted two daughters: Naleigh Mi-Eun and Adalaide Marie Hope.Heigl gave birth to a baby boy, Joshua Bishop Kelley, Jr., eight weeks ago.

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