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The collection is elegant but unsophisticated, in much the same way her great grandmother took life by the horns, relished in its finest moments and then drove it into the ground.

For this 2016 Christmas season, Pickler has given the collection new additions, including a brand new snow globe which plays her version of the holiday classic "White Christmas," to bring Drye's essence to the world.

It really married with the theme of the Selma Drye Christmas line this year.

She gained fame as a contestant on the fifth season of American Idol, and finished in sixth place.

In 2006, she signed to 19 Recordings and BNA Records as a recording artist, releasing her debut album, Small Town ..More About Age: 29 Birthplace: Albemarle, North Carolina, United States of America Profession: Singer-songwriter, Actor Credits: Dancing with the Stars, I Love Kellie Pickler, CMA Music Fest, 2010 CMT Music Awards Also Ranked #8 on The Best American Idol Contestants Ever #33 on The Top Female Country Singers #55 on New American Idol Judge Picks #9 on The Best Dancing with the Stars Winners of All Time cover shoot.

Check out our exclusive Q&A session below: What did your great grandmother Selma Drye teach you about life and keeping a home? She lived alone, because my great grandpa had passed long before I was born. Her opening that door and always welcoming me into her home and loving me was incredible. She was frugal, nothing fancy, as she would say "nothing highfalutin." I get a little bit of that in me, too. [laughs] For someone who wants to take their Christmas decorating to the next level this year, what pieces would you suggest from this collection? We are going to keep that a tradition each Christmas. Everything is very multi-purpose, and each season, we try to bring pieces into the line that you can just add to what you already have. When I saw that, I went "we have to get that." My grandma had one of those in her house and so did my grandma, Faye. We generally clock out and do our USO Tour and celebrate our anniversary. If I were to say "oh I’ll do this on January 1st," and then January 1st rolls around, it’s like "maybe I’ll do this next year." If it’s something you clearly need to address, address it immediately. I didn’t realize when we started working on it how many months it takes to shoot everything.

That way, it doesn’t feel like "I just bought this, but the new stuff doesn’t really match." It’s all eclectic and pretty diverse. I thought "wow, that’s so sweet." It took me back to a sweet place in my childhood. We did the Christmas line in the summer, and now, this winter, we have to start doing the spring. It’s the middle of July and you’re recording a Christmas song. What are your fondest childhood, Christmas memories? You don’t make an appointment to address it, "I’ll work it into my schedule when it’s convenient for me." You might not make it to the new year. Like "I’m going to start working out on January 1st, because I have high blood pressure and I’m unhealthy." Well, you better hope you make it the new year. Touring and other projects (that are in early development), on the side, have taken me out of the studio for awhile.

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