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The movie, which is based on the hit Wattpad novel of the same title, will be shown every Monday through the i Want TV app of ABS-CBN Mobile.Along with Kim and Xian are co-stars Jessy Mendiola and Matt Evans.Filipino tabloids recently reported Kim Chiu was pregnant after she sported what some interpreted to be a ‘baby bump’.According to the report, a source close to the couple confirmed they were expecting a child. (read more)Is Kim Chiu about to be a mom to a little boy or girl?

"Ang tagal na namin magkasama, four years na, mas naging solid yung foundation naming dalawa. When one reporter asked Lim if he could wait for Chiu until she is ready to enter into a relationship again, the actor said: "Of course. Another source revealed that “she TWICE made toasts ...by drinking water instead of wine,” adding that it is “highly unusual” to “toast with anything but a full glass of wine.” (In case you weren’t aware, pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to drink alcohol.)Twitter reacts to Kim Chiu pregnancy rumor The actress’s rep told journalist, “I do not comment on her personal life,”... This has caused multiple stories about the alleged pregnancy to make their way through bulletin boards and other social media sites during the past 24 hours, just following engagement rumors earlier this week. Lim was raised by her mom in the US while her ex-boyfriend, Gerald Anderson, is half-American. Buti yung Am Boy lang, half-American." Chiu said she prefers going out with an "Amboy," a Tagalog term for a male who grew up in the United States.

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