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When she does waken, she encourages Phil to discuss his problems with Stevie with her, even though she was near death!

The beautiful, understanding, and highly expressive eyes of actress Lara Jean Marshall add much to our perception of Lisa Atwood.

She also has the courage and will to follow her maternal instinct no matter where it leads her, and it sometimes leads her into trouble!

Lisa asks people about their past so that she can learn how to help them.

Veronica tries to behave like an adult and refers with derision to the “juvenile nature of The Saddle Club.” She struts around with an impatient air of importance giving orders(like an adult.) But her attitude causes her to be isolated and inwardly unhappy.

Scooter challenges Veronica to look into herself, and not suppress the carefree, playful child, which is also a part of her.

” reminds all of us to focus on what is truly meaningful in our lives.

It is simply a requirement one must reconcile oneself to.

She is acutely aware of people’s feelings and the members of the Pine Hollow family have deep affection for her.

When Lisa is lying in a coma in the hospital after suffering a severe concussion, her friends from Pine Hollow come to express their feelings, including the often cold, condescending, Veronica di Angelo.

The girls learn the importance of chores by mucking out stables and taking care of horses.

The girls learn to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings as well, which includes the often commanding, condescending Veronica di Angelo.

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