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As my colleague Jon Wertheim once wrote about the analyst: "Her bold, 'I don't care who might be chapped by what I'm about to say approach' separated her from too many of her colleagues." Deluged with e-mails on the subject of Carillo's departure, Wertheim dropped an interesting line in a , saying there was a "philosophical difference" between Carillo and ESPN, and that she left the network on her own accord.

It doesn't take a leap to surmise that the philosophical difference rested in Carillo believing the tone and tenor of ESPN's coverage was closer to cheerleading than reporting.

(That may explain what’s felt to me like choppy coverage—we go from one pre-recorded sport to a live competition and back again.) The representative told me that NBC produced the same number of feature stories as in London, perhaps more, and said those were airing primarily on NBC and NBCSN, and all were on

As I told the representative, I couldn’t find Mary’s stories on the site.

In fact, it’s been so competition-heavy that I’ve been genuinely, achingly missing one of the best parts of the Olympics: Mary Carillo’s feature stories. Where are her fun dives into local culture and people’s lives? I talked to an NBC Sports representative in Rio, who told me that Mary’s feature stories include both ones produced in advance and during the Rio games, but their broadcast in prime-time is being affected by live coverage.

Mary hasn’t been absent from the Olympics: Last week, she was calling tennis matches; this week, she’s doing play-by-play for open water swimming. Searching for “Mary Carillo” returns only four videos: The last one is in studio and just a discussion, not a spectacular monologue like the one below from the 2004 Olympics about badminton. I haven’t been watching every channel 24/7, and especially not during the day. Because Rio is an hour ahead of the east coast, some competitions are being aired live during prime-time.

He promised to send a link and descriptions of upcoming stories.

I haven’t received that, and I haven’t been able to find anything other than what’s above.

"People come and go and you can ask me that same question about different sports at different times. He called me at some point during the mid-year [of 2010] and said with sort of the grind she had -- she was working for HBO, NBC, CBS, and ESPN -- that she wanted to experiment and do some different things beyond just tennis."Her choice, but departure could have been prevented.She will be missed." spoke with ESPN executive vice president Norby Williamson last Friday to ask him about Carillo's departure."You always want people who played the game," Williamson countered."You always want people who have relationships with people in the game. You want to tell people, 'Yeah, there are some relationships here but that does not pollute someone's objectivity, their ability to analyze or give you strategy or their take on a potential news story.'" Tennis stars can be fickle when it comes to press access and there's naturally a delicate dance covering them.

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