Who is nick dating on young and the restless

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Vikki began throwing herself into her work at Newman, only to find that she couldn't be a part of her father's latest scandal.

Just when Victoria started a steamy affair with Michael Baldwin, she was forced to face that Michael and Victor were in cahoots to sabotage Jabot during a time when Victoria wanted to make her stand with the Newman cosmetics line.

Victoria tried to be there for her mourning father and help run his company when he disappeared.

After his return, she ran Newman with him, and divorced JT, after her affair with Deacon Sharpe set them on a course for disaster.

Unfortunately, just when Victoria and Ryan realized that they were meant to be together, his ex-wife Trisha tried to shoot Vikki and ended up killing Ryan after he tried to save Vikki from the bullet on their wedding day.

Before Vikki found her way back to Ryan, she went through a miscarriage with Cole's baby after the divorce, was engaged to Neil Winters, and even found herself stalked by a crazed employee Gary Dawson!

After hiring Brad Carlton, the two developed a relationship.

That's not to say that they didn't have their moments.

Victoria began dating Billy Abbott after rescuing from himself on New Year's Eve.

They decided to get married against her father's wishes.

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