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“My brother plays my wife,” says Fielding, “and he’s been having an affair with a triangle.” My mind races. “No, just a triangle shape”, Fielding replies with a giggle, whereupon I happen to notice a three-sided slab of pink foam-rubber propped up on the floor nearby, with a fake arm dangling ludicrously from it. And then, there’s some stand-up about turning 40.” Ah yes, I say, I was going to ask him about that. "My dad was maybe 19,” he says, “and my mum 18 – they were young.” As a child, he would often have to step over sleeping guests – “quite crazy characters” – the morning after his parents’ parties so that he could get to the kitchen and make himself breakfast.He also fondly recalls his parents’ record collection – “Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind – all the weird stuff” – and, like any of us lucky enough to have been born in the early Seventies, was weaned on a diet of blazingly odd, Sixties-hangover children’s TV shows such as Animal Kwackers, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Pipkins and The Banana Splits.

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Between 20, there followed three Boosh series on BBC Three - “little fairy-tales” as Fielding now puts it – whose cult popularity gradually burgeoned to the point where the pair’s 2008-2009 live tour was filling arenas and raking in millions and Fielding had become a national heart-throb.He admits, for example, to having been exhausted by that 2008-2009 tour, which saw Barratt and him perform to roughly a quarter-of-a-million people.“It was like being in Aerosmith or something,” he says.(During a telly interview around the time of that tour, when the pair were asked if there were any questions that people often asked either of them, Barratt instantly and brilliantly replied, “Yes – 'Where’s Noel?’ ”) Many, however, will know Fielding as a team captain in the BBC Two comedy pop quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks, or perhaps as a teammate of friend and fellow dandy Russell Brand on Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and he was also Richmond the goth in the sitcom The IT Crowd.

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