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I can't tell you the countless letters and emails that Josh and I have gotten, saying, ' We saw you on "Survivor," and my relationship with my family has changed, because they just saw two guys out there who loved each other but were fierce competitors, but played the game really well.

And my father in Mississippi didn't know that gay people could be like that.' When you're authentic to who you are, that speaks volumes.

[Laughter.] Mathieu Sennacherib: I never had any trouble when I was in France. [Mimics:] ' You can't do this trick because you're a fucking faggot!

' And I replied, ' Fuck you -- what is your fucking problem? EDGE: What are your thoughts on personal lives being fodder for the media?

' And then you have the Christian community saying, ' Gay Christians? You're going to Hell.' It really opened the door for conversation about what it's like to be a gay person in modern society right now, and what it means to be a gay Christian.

Portland, Oregon's Kat Cunning, one of the few open lesbians on Broadway, is an actress, singer and dancer who has appeared in "Cinderella" and "Nutcracker Rouge." Her vocal chops are matched only by her alluring stage presence.So I just thought it was always very important to be authentically who you are and lead by example.Don't be afraid to share your story, because personal testimony is the most powerful way to make change.Lee Brearley: I just came off a six-year tour as a dance captain doing something I felt so fitted to, and I came here and felt so alien because a lot that was asked of me wasn't in my skill set. Mathieu Sennacherib: There were some things I had to do in the show that proved a challenge. Reed Kelly: It's been an adjustment of process, because coming from such a heavy Broadway background and having been in this industry for so many years, we have a modus operandi of how we work. EDGE: Let's discuss being out in this industry. Do you feel that being gay can limit you to certain roles? I know gay guys who are more masculine than some of the most masculine straight guys.You know you have the skill, but you're scared because there's a risk for your life ... And now that we've run away with the circus -- Cirque has its own process and its own way of doing things, and that has been an interesting challenge. Kat Cunning: I feel under-represented as a lesbian in this industry. It's interesting: people say things like that and they don't even realize that it's offensive.

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