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The schedule for oral presentations by Title: Co-occurring genomic alterations define major subsets of KRAS-mutant lung adenocarcinoma (LUAC) with distinct biology and therapeutic vulnerabilities Abstract: 968Session: Proffered Papers: Oncogenic Signaling and Cell Death Location: Title: The complex genomic landscape of glial tumors reveals distinct subclasses and potential therapeutic targets associated with clinical responses to targeted inhibitors Abstract: 4667Session: Precision Medicine in the Clinic Location: Terrace Ballroom IV (400 Level)Presenter: Juliann Chmielecki, Ph.D., associate director, cancer genomics, Title: A novel companion diagnostic predicts response to the PARP inhibitor rucaparib in ovarian cancer Abstract: 4670Session: Precision Medicine in the Clinic Location: Terrace Ballroom IV (400 Level)Presenter: Title: Understanding oncogenic fusions: lessons learned from inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor Abstract: 497Session: Pediatric Cancer: Basic Science 1 Poster Board: 23Locations: Section 20Presenter: Merida Title: Exploratory analyses suggest ovarian tumors with somatic or germline loss of function mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 are biologically similar and sensitive to PARP inhibition Abstract: 611Session: Tumor- and Blood-based Genotyping Poster Board: 9Locations: Section 26Presenter: Title: Activation of MET via diverse exon 14 skipping mutation occurs in multiple tumor types and confers clinical sensitivity to MET inhibitors Abstract: 1118Session: Functional Genomics Poster Board: 20Locations: Section 5Presenter: Title: Development and validation of an NGS-based assay to detect all classes of genomic alterations in circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from patients with solid tumors Abstract: 1602Session: Circulating Tumor Cells Poster Board: 23Locations: Section 23Presenter: Title: Rictor alterations elicit non-canonical signaling mechanisms contributing to tumorigenicity and therapeutic resistance in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)Abstract: 3576Session: Molecular Targets Poster Board: 28Locations: Section 30Presenter: Dennis Ruder, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Collaborators: University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Title: Defects in DNA repair genes and sensitivity to cisplatin based neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) for bladder cancer Abstract: 4298Session: Predictive Bio Makers 2Poster Board: 1Locations: Section 25Presenter: Title: Comprehensive profiling of immunoglobulin sequences using hybrid capture-based next generation sequencing in B-cell hematologic malignancies Abstract: 4737Session: Advances in Genomics and Transcriptomics Poster Board: 3Locations: Section 1Presenter: (NASDAQ: FMI) is a molecular information company dedicated to a transformation in cancer care in which treatment is informed by a deep understanding of the genomic changes that contribute to each patient's unique cancer. The pop-rock outfit are masters when it comes to weaving musical tales of love, longing and loss, and have been doing so for nearly a decade.In 2017, the band celebrates the 10 year anniversary of their self-titled debut album, .

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"These data elucidate the benefits and value of integrating clinically relevant and highly reliable molecular information into oncologic clinical practice.

“When I hear each one, I go back in time in my head to when I heard it first, or maybe when I heard it become special to me.

In my opinion, that is one of the coolest things about music: It can make you feel something so strong with a simple piano note, a vocal line, or a guitar pattern.

Hey Monday are on the same management as us, so they’re like our brother band--or ] The Friday Night Boys were the only band we had to meet.

They’re still touring in a van, but they’re troopers and come hang out all the time. How does it feel to be a week away from the release of EP last year, this will be your first new material since 2007. Yeah, it’s really strange for me because I have such a large amount of ADD that I feel like music should have been put out already.

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