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He says he'll continue making videos about other games on other systems he feels passionate about, but for now, the community has lost one of its more amusing commentators.

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it was a humble attempt to try and interact with someone i respected in comedy. he's hilarious, and he helped me learn the craft of comedy. i don't know why, but i would love to talk to jason again. your pink yoshi joke actually got me to respect pink yoshi as a real combatant in the ring. anyway, this is a real shout out to jason gastrow, who made any semblance of me thinking i could ever be a real animator even possible. A couple of years ago a buddy of mine showed my videogamedunkey.

Leah Renee was born on October 1, 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Leah Renee Cudmore.

She is an actress, known for Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002), Love by the Book (2014) and Stag (2013).

in 2012 i hosted sprite a day revenge to show jason that i was competent.

that i had the ability to keep up with being an artist and also being a human being.

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