Who is willie taylor from day 26 dating

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And I wanted to make sure that I gave people enough to believe in “S*x Tape 2.” The first one did over 2.5 million downloads so, automatically that’s already tough to beat.I just wanted to show people that it’s not all just sex music, I’m actually taking them through an experience.” [laughs.] So, this new music that I’m doing now has definitely taken me out of that zone.This right here, it was really a moment where I hear it and it’s like “this is really sexy,” to the point where it turns ME on."Well, now it makes perfect sense, because each personality has a different interest.

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Remember when Diddy was trying to make a band with a group guys who ended up being known as Day 26?Well…I sing a lot of sex music so I deal with a lot of horny women [laughs]. And it’s funny to me because when I’m writing this stuff, I don’t expect to see it.Usually when I’m doing my show, that crowd knows what they’re coming for. I expect women to go home and whoever that special person is that they’re with, I expect them to get all of that build up. It’s going really good but, I would like for it to be a lot more.Name 3 qualities in a woman that would get you close to “Blast Off? And that’s not just what anybody would think of as being sexy.It’s one thing to be visually sexy but, sex appeal goes further than just the image.

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