Why am i not dating material

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Also, the "non-dating" periods of my life have always been the most peaceful and drama-free (though not always happy).Is it possible that there are some types of people in this world who just aren't the "relationship type"?not someone who wants to engage in a verbal power struggle, but someone who engages in intelligent discourse), emotionally, socially, and financially. I just don't understand why no one likes me, i'm sweet, loyal, and very honest, I can cook, clean, I don't party much, I play video games, I like sports, I am very smart, I have a car & a job, i'm funny, I have a great sense of humor, I have good hygiene, I'm faithful, I have a nice plump body but I also am emotiontionally damamged which some guys can't handle what should I do?Yet I have never dated someone for longer than 6 months.I used to be bothered by this fact, but I finally have arrived at a place where I am totally fine with it.

If you don’t remember that you give up the “I’s” for a “we”, you’ll be putting an unrealistic expectation on your future husband to hold down the marriage on his own. You’re Extremely Jealous If you’re a jealous person by nature, this won’t change once he puts a ring on it – it’ll only make it worse.

Or, as human beings, is it really one of our deepest needs to sooner or later be intimately and romantically involved with another person?

Can anyone else relate to my experience in this area? I have maintained longtime platonic friendships with a small number of people and feel very fulfilled.

If he already has children, he may be looking to you to be a mother-figure to his kids – and if you don’t like children, no matter how good of a woman you are, if he can’t see you as a mother, he will never see you as a wife. You’re Materialistic Not only do some women dream of getting married, some dream of marrying a wealthy man – someone to take care of them.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable in a relationship, if you ONLY marry for money, you may be in for a rude awakening.

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