Why can t i login on xhookup with my yahoo account speed dating in massachusettes

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i've always used yahoo, for about 8 years, never had a problem until now. i've tried the "click on secure" button as others sugguested, still nothing. It brought up a page bragging about the new features, lay-out and mailbox size. For more information and some work arounds, visit this forum: of the posts in that forum suggested trying Yahoo Mobile, which I did and it worked.

my cousin apparently can sign onto my account at her house while at my house, my siblings and i can't access our account. i think i've tried everything, hotmail seems to work fine. It's no-frills but at least you can read your mail.

Comes up with 'The IMAP server "mail.yahoo.com" is not responding.

Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the "incoming Mail Server' field.' Any idea how to fix this? The incoming IMAP server you are getting ("IMAP.yahoo.com") is not a real Yahoo IMAP server.

Enter your Yahoo ID and select your password recovery method to regain access in minutes.

If you've already tried this without success, see the "Problems using the Sign-in Helper" section below.

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After a long minute, it would just bring me to an error page, at first it brought me to Internet Optimizer, and it would say like: "help/navagation error dns r dsn" and say could not find server mail. I erased it along with other adwares, and it seems that my computer is even slower, and I still can't get into my Yahoo mail. I did this late last week as a result of the slowdown in Yahoo generate a new pw for you, login in and change it back to what it usually helps. My relative live a block away and can sign on perfectly. I deleated it as a default, rebooted and it is working fine again. I tried going into Account Info, my Address Book, Calendar, same thing, no dice.My yahoo account has stopped working on my iphone 4s.I can access the account on a desktop but not the iphone.Hello everyone, My problem was as follow: Fill in ID and password and clik on 'sign in', MANY TIMES, AND NOTHING HAPPENED (about 10 cliks), after appears the RED MESSAGE (ID or pass is incorrect). I have phone net-connection and it did not work on the first ID either.By chance I HAVE PRESSED MANY TIMES ENTER, EVEN AFTER THE RED MESSAGE APPEARED.

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