Will updating iphone lock it

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The good news is this typically resolves itself in short order. This will force the i Phone or i Pad to lock the screen, then wake the screen up again, then lock again, and wake the screen up again.

Repeat this several times in a row, waiting a few seconds in between each press.

Click here to visit the App Store to update your Schlage Sense™ app.

I upgraded to i OS 10 and opened my new Home app, but my Schlage Sense™ lock shows as "Not Supported." What do I do?

You’ll know if the Power button trick works because the device screen will go black and you will see an  Apple logo followed by a progress bar, as the i OS update starts to install as usual.

Once you see the Apple logo and the progress bars, let the device sit and install the software update, this can take 30 minutes or more depending on the speed of the device and internet connection.

No, the firmware update won't affect your lock's current access codes and settings.

After the update, your lock will continue to function the same as before, and all access codes will remain active.

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They also offer new features for users of i OS 9 and below.

You'll need to visit the App Store to update your Schlage Sense™ app.

Once the app is updated, open it and you will be prompted to accept the latest firmware upgrade. It sounds like your lock's firmware was updated, but you haven't updated your Schlage Sense™ app.

The latest i OS software from Apple® will be reaching your i Phone®, i Pad® and i Pod touch® soon. Every Schlage Sense™ lock made will be compatible with i OS 10. Updating your Schlage Sense™ app allows you to upgrade to the newest firmware – without updating the app, you won’t be able to upgrade your firmware.

Make sure you're ready for i OS 10 by updating your Schlage Sense™ app so you can upgrade to the latest firmware. Update your app, then open it to accept the firmware upgrade, and your lock will be ready for i OS 10. I've updated my lock and have lost remote access through Apple TV. Some Schlage Sense customers have experienced a loss of remote access through the 3rd generation Apple TV after updating their lock to firmware version 3.42.

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