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In addition, the City adopted regulations for hillside properties which limited development potential as the slope of the parcel increased.

In 1987, the City decided to provide some mitigation for this density limitation by adopting a transfer of development credits ordinance. The additional hillside restrictions can further reduce the number of credits available for transfer based on a slope-density formula; for example, a lot with a slope of more than 35 percent must provide 20 acres per dwelling unit.

One should expect the unexpected in this modern day interpretation of an old legend.

g: Larry Hagman, Jesse Metcalfe, Brenda Strong, Josh Henderson, A. Hensley, Mitch Pileggi, Emma Bell, Linda Gray, Jordana Brewster, Patrick Duffy, Kevin Page, Julie Gonzalo Directed by: Cynthia Cidre, David Jacobs TV Shows | TV Dramas WATCH on NETFLIXBlending lively music and brilliant animation, this remake of the original Fantasia restores "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and adds seven new shorts.

Initially, it appears that Colin, Vlad and Byron have ripped them off, but after digging a little deeper, the girls discover a much more insidious and terrifying reality.

Julia, Rachel and Alex find themselves not on the working holiday that they had planned, but instead running for their lives. Who or what could possibly destroy these three beautiful, intelligent young women in a manner of days?

) heading to tropical Thailand to teach children for the summer.

They arrive safely, although almost straight away it seems as though someone is watching them.

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