Wow armory not updating guild

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This option is off by default.# Quest log didn't show the quest objective but the quest description instead; this has been fixed (rescan needed).# Item suffixes ("...

of the ...") are now taken into account (rescan needed).==== v10.1.4 ====# Tradeskill window didn't show the number of skill-ups and hovering over it would result in an error; this has been fixed.# With multiple subheaders tradeskills where unintentionally filtered due to a lot of nil values returned by the API call; this has been fixed.# Parent removed from tooltip allocation.# Window of an unscanned tradeskill didn't close when switching characters; this has been fixed.# Link references to tradeskills from characters on another realm have been removed because they are invalid anyhow.# Core adapted to changed Get Item Quality Color API# Known glyphs were shown as learnable; this has been fixed.==== v10.1.3 ====# Another attempt to fix tradeskill subheaders...==== v10.1.2 ====# Positioning in reputation frame has been adjusted.# Subheaders were not shown in tradeskill frame; this has been fixed.# Some minor DB changes.==== v10.1.1 ====# A recipe was shown as learnable when the reputation requirement was met but the rank wasn't; this has been fixed.# Runeforging temporarily popped up as a profession; this has been fixed.==== v10.1.0 ====# When more than one character is of the same class and one doesn't have glyphs an error would pop-up when known glyphs tooltip info was calculated; this has been fixed.# Gold didn't get updated properly; this had been fixed.# Data sharing module has finally been adapted and is included again (character lookup is simplified though).# Column sorting support has been added to the summary sheet.# Finished some other loose ends that where still on the version 10 to-do list.

Sen'jin) was not possible; this has been fixed.# In case of multiple realms the collapsed state in the dropdown and summary sheet will now be remembered per character.# Adjustments have been made for patch 3.3.2.# Tooltip handling completely redesigned to make it more efficient and faster.# Improved support for Many Item Tooltips and add-ons that provide chat link hovering pop-ups.# Added support for inventory filtering on Heirloom (=Heirloom or =7).

If Armory is not able to determine the exact quality it falls back to the item color in which case artifacts are also included.# The option to adopt the Pawn scales of the other characters has been removed because it is now natively supported by Pawn (since 1.3).# Items counts are now per faction by default.

Note: Not all code has been reviewed yet and parts are still disabled, but all core modules are there. ==== v9.13.5 ====# Profession data is now pulled immediately from the server to minimize the chance that item data will be missing when stored.# If item level information is missing for a character the summary and paperdoll would result in an error; this has been fixed.# It is now possible to use a link as argument for /ar find (even /ar [link] is supported) to search the database.# An option has been added to make Alt-clicking a chat link equivalent to /ar find [link].# The fallback routine that was used when a trade skill texture couldn't be found always returned a question mark; this has been fixed.# In inventory icon view mode the item counts were not shown anymore; this has been fixed.# Profession windows can now be opened from the command line with /ar profession [char] [realm] (e.g. Note: all parameters are case sensitive.==== v9.12.0 ====# Other add-ons adding entries to paperdoll stats could break Armory; this has been fixed.# If a level requirement is unknown for a glyph the tooltip count would result in an error; this has been fixed.# Sometimes 'craftable by' was still showing from a previous tooltip; this has been fixed.# Player Score (Gear Score) player data wasn't reset; this has been fixed.# If the summary sheet is locked it didn't get updated when a character was deleted; this has been fixed.# It is now possible to exclude a character from Armory.# Talent tab is now hidden for lower level characters.# Guild bank money display didn't get updated after visiting the guild bank; this has been fixed.# Added some sanity checks for timestamps in Armory Guild Bank communication.# Raid info instance lock details now show defeated bosses instead of the instance ID which is not relevant anymore.# LFR has been added to raid info.# With a locked summary sheet the delete dialog appeared behind the summary; this has been fixed.# Pinned tooltip item counts now get updated as well.# Wrong event was disabled whe processing tokens; this has been fixed.# Trade skill update warning wasn't shown anymore; this has been fixed.# A warning has been added in case the server didn't return all requested profession data.# Currency data got deleted sometimes; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to choose a sound to play for automated warning and error messages.==== v9.11.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 4.3.0.# Forgot to mention that the previous release included updated German translations.# Sometimes the currently selected character wasn't restored properly by database wide operations; this has been fixed.# Armory Guild Bank now also supports o Glow.# When searching o Glow will be disabled for greyed out items.# Adjusted the line width in inventory list view to make a cleaner fit.# Added support for void storage.# Removed some equipment count logic that made me wonder why I added that in the first place.==== v9.10.0 ====# "Known by" has been removed for glyph tooltips that already show this information.# "Craftable by" has been added to glyph tooltips.

More detailed information about Armory can be found on the project site.

Here you can also access the localization tab which provides an interface to make things easier on translators.

Additional software, like Armory Guild Recipes, its XML exporter and a Joomla!

web site plug-in, as well as a tool to merge databases from different accounts can be found on the Neighbours Guild Website.

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