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Only those inside tennis, it seems, have been paying attention to this fascinating plot line: Jettisoned by Mc Ilroy, who happens to play a little golf, Wozniacki throws herself back into the sport that once saw her rise to No. Mc Ilroy has fans everywhere, and deservedly so, because he's an appealing, engaging and polite champion.

1 in the world, wins a tournament in Istanbul the same day Rory claims the British Open, and keeps right on rolling, playing arguably the best tennis of her career to reach the semifinals at the U. Open, where she will face unseeded Peng Shuai on Friday. Apparently two can play this game."I think they both now are 100% invested and engaged in what they should be doing in their sport and with their talent," tennis legend Chris Evert said Wednesday in a telephone interview from the U. It's human nature to wonder about the breakup — a phone call from Mc Ilroy after the wedding invitations were printed — but that's the last we'll say about that, simply because we know almost nothing about their relationship.

Mc Ilroy, 25, issued a statement on Wednesday ending his relationship with Wozniacki. Mc Ilroy and Wozniacki started dating in 2011, shortly after Mc Ilroy won the US Open, his first major, and when Wozniacki was number one in the world.

He said: “There is no right way to end a relationship that has been so important to two people. "The wedding invitations made me realise that I wasn't ready for all that marriage entails. That was the only way I could put all my emotions and energies into that goal. I understand 100 per cent, you're married to your career. Mc Ilroy went on to become number one in the world in 2012 but they have both suffered a dip in form - Wozniacki is now number 14 in the world and Mc Ilroy is number 10.

Days after sending out wedding invitations, the 25-year-old professional golfer from Northern Ireland said a case of cold feet prompted him to call off his nuptials to tennis beauty Caroline Wozniacki.

“The wedding invitations issued at the weekend made me realize that I wasn’t ready for all that marriage entails,” Mc Ilroy said Wednesday, taking the blame for their breakup.

Miss Wozniacki had also told how Mc Ilroy, who has a £6 million house in Florida, sought her parents' blessing before asking her to be his wife.

Mc Ilroy jettisons fiancée Caroline Wozniacki, who happens to play a little tennis, then launches himself from one major golf title to the next, reclaiming past glories as he rockets to the No. The Caroline Wozniacki story, on the other hand, has been told in a whisper, if at all.Plans for the wedding were said to be well under way.The couple reportedly hired a wedding planner in New York in February and planned to marry on Nov 8.“Everyone has been through breakups, and it’s obviously very, very difficult. But look, I’m here to try and concentrate on this week and answer questions about golf, and that’s what I’m going to do.” There was no word Wednesday from Wozniacki, who fell from No.

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