Wpf combobox binding selecteditem not updating

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Text property of Combo Box represents the text of the current selected item in a Combo Box.

Selected Item represents the first item in the currently selected items in a Combo Box.

and while debugging, I see the property gets set correctly... – Gorgsenegger Jun 3 '11 at No, changed it every possible way, doesn't change much.

c# wpf xaml binding combobox | this question edited Apr 27 '12 at Anurag Ranjhan 3,041 2 11 23 asked Jun 3 '11 at olvr_vrmr 3 1 1 2 5 Snowbear is getting tired of pattern. – olvr_vrmr Jun 3 '11 at Are you sure your Items Source contains objects of type Tbl Produkt Soorten?

The code snippet in Listing 8 adds an image and text to a Combo Box Item.

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The Margin property sets the location of a Combo Box on the parent control.

To add and remove items from the collection, we use Add and Remove or Remove At methods of the Items Collection. Now, we modify our application and add a new button called Delete Item.

Let's change our UI and add a Text Box and a button control to the page. The XAML code for this button looks is listed in Listing 5.

A Combo Box control is a combination of three controls - A Button, a Popup, and a Text Box.

The Button control is used to show or hide available items and Popup control displays items and let user select one item from the list.

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