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I know all of his fans will b looking very 4ward 2this cd I have heard 2of the tracks and let me tell u from what I've heard yes this is WOW WOW WOW he has one song 2b on this CD called (The Truth) I must say this is one of the best songs I have ever heard I'm sure u will agree.

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Name of movie is what I'm being told will b ( Will u b there) also T will b n Canada touring this fall and giving away free copys of his new cd Fre'i this 4me is a must have i can't wait 2see just what I'm being told is his best ever??? well let me tell u he has been working hard on what he's calling "the it" now i'm not so sure I know just what that is or mean i do know it will b very n-teresting the name sounds like it should b a "book r something" from Steven King, but then again this is TLyles we're talking about?Release date 07/25/14 for sneak pervew go to: tlyles on facebook NEWST has released his 1st new single "Bbn" now available don't miss out this track is hot. News I'm being told this will b T's best draft of work 2date with lots of energy and passion. Lyles fan r just a lover of real music this one will be for u! Lyles cd "Fri'e"2016 this music is unbelievable I luv what u have done,, I can't believe ur not some big star I'm sure u will make it big just stay sexy and keep ur music just as sexy U r very hot and I luv that voice ur the best out there. TLyles style delivers perfection on each and every track.The progression of songs builds ur pleasure, until the final track takes you to the ultimate climax !Again thank u 4all u do and all the luv,support,wounderful letters and all else THANK U. Also b on look out 4T's new video that's set 2hit real soon!"I can't wait" but 4 show dates and other nfo keep ck-in back r email:[email protected] some one will get back 2u asap.

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