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Out of everyone I’ve ever coached – and we’re talking over 1000 women since 2004 – I don’t recall a single instance where the woman fundamentally changed herself to find love. (Yes, I am secretly Charlie Sheen.) Seriously – what if I said that those 2 things produced the greatest highs in my life and I didn’t want to give them up?

You’d probably tell me that while you wish me well, it’s hard to create a stable relationship if I’m snorting blow off a 20-year-old in a Vegas hotel room.

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Questing and levelling up the districts opens up new ones.From high school dropout to college graduate..all family! We help each other grow and become the best we can be! ' The most raw, hilarious, straight funny but dead serious internet podcast ever! The best/Worst reporter in podcasting returns with RACIST SAE FRAT NEWS, Mickey D's savagery, and some completely USELESS sports, news and entertainment! It may be fun, but hookers and coke are probably not building blocks for a peaceful life.Hate to say it but: the men you’re most attracted to are your hookers and coke.

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