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This may be more for me than for you because at any moment, 24 hours of every day, there is the potential for me to unlearn these lessons and do something really dumb. Your Online Avatar is the Real You It seems still in our internet age that people don’t realize your electric representation of you is .

So, if someone is racist or angry or cynical in their profile, they are racist, angry, and cynical in real life.

Some people’s behaviors online are essential traits that transcend time.

They are fundamentally true, in both digital and analog, virtual and IRL.

If they are inexpressive and answer messages with “sup” or “home now,” then they are also inexpressive in real life (there may be some weird exceptions—like if you are chatting with a busy ER doctor, hip hop music mogul, or a lawyer at the ACLU) The bottom line: You can tell if someone is sketchy or a schmuck through messaging just as easily as you could if you met them in person and watched them being rude to a waiter. Some People Just Need to be Heard Recently I was back home, finally going through old junk I had left in my childhood bedroom—boxes of papers and drawings and spiral bound notepads of wandering, weepy poetry.

Amid the piles of paper, I found a letter I must have never sent, dated August 1983. That month, I had met an older boy at summer camp who was beautiful and athletic with blue eyes and punky hair.

He wore cut off Police and Blondie concert T-shirts—everyone thought he was cool.

He cut my hair, cut off the sleeves of my T shirts, and gave me a tape of Blondie’s album. Camp has made me more sensative(sic) and…how do I put this? Maybe I realized, for once, that what I was writing was really more for myself than for someone else.While 1987 might not be the first choice that springs to mind when thinking about which years have delivered the strongest soundtracks, the year certainly holds its own in the discussion due to its less-is-more approach to overall impact.What 1987 lacks in the quantity department, it more than makes up for in the adventurous quality of what’s contained within each album’s varied collection of songs.And now that Tinder and Bumble and Hinge have made heterosexuals sex-app veterans alongside the Grindr'ing gays, these universal truths also transcend gender and sexuality.So, this glorious Valentine's Day, here are some lessons to remember when you're .

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    Although they still work together on the show, the breakup may not have been so smooth; Naya was rumoured to have keyed and egged Mark's car after they called it quits in August of that year, though Mark spoke out about the reports on Twitter, saying that the two are "the best of friends." Another TV couple that played brother and sister — Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr portrayed siblings on Roswell and began dating in 2009.

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    Under the clearing rules of the Canadian Payments Association, a post-dated cheque cannot be cashed prior to the date written on it.

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    With all of the marriages and engagements that have grown from online dating, it isn't a surprise that more and more people are beginning to use Northamptonshire dating websites.

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