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I just became an unthinking worker bee, day after day, accepting the abuse.I’m just thankful that I came to my senses enough to refuse to go back on post and refuse the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) and insist on being offloaded…This memoir is of an unlikely and unwilling hero who faces the darkest of our human demons to help others.Not only is her journey riveting, she provides you will deep insight into psychosis and mind control.” I read your book last nite cover to cover in one sitting. I am buying these for friends and family who keep asking me …”so what made you stay in for so long??!!??After 27 years of service at all levels of Scientology’s Sea Organization, Nancy left the group, and now works to help others who have been victimized, and to expose the abuse and crimes of her former group. komxxx.reaches roughly 291,445,678 unique users the month and its rank is 34 within A young reporter assigned to write an obituary of an apparently dull and solitary old professor finds the dead man harbored 15 priceless artifacts, and one terrible secret.There is an issue between Cloudflare's cache and your origin web server.

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Let me take this opportunity to say how much I admire everything you did –posting your story and everything, about all that you and Chris went through. – NW WOW, thank you for being so brave to have written your story. Without the love and good humanity of you and people like Chris there’d be no place, no safety zone for people like me, the former member looking upwards FOR my former comrades who I looked UP to. – WM Nancy Many was a college student in Boston when she frst wandered into a Scientology offce.

Thank you big time Nancy and big time to Chris for being there for you and in turn you being there for me and for Maureen, and all us other people who NEED people like you! Man, your story just cuts to the core of humanity and the goodness. That was the beginning of the end of independence and freedom, as she knew it.

But it was only after she joined Scientology’s elite inner circle, the Sea Organization, and signed a Billion Year contract that she discovered the dark world of fanaticism and abuse at the center of Scientology’s vast empire.

For more than two decades she worked at all levels of the organization, from serving as a personal aide to the founder of Scientology, L.

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