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Rashmi receives news regarding Shruti and Rahul's horrible death and is deeply saddened.Taking advantage of her vulnerability, he has sex with her and captures it on the shop's security camera.Adarsh sets his sights on Rashmi, ultimately resulting in him developing genuine feelings for her.He decides to back out of the plan, but his feelings for Rashmi are suppressed by his greed.Having sold the footage, Adarsh is able to pay off his debts.It is later revealed that Rashmi was fired from the supermarket and shunned by her community and family, while Adarsh got married and moved away.Adarsh is a 20-something supermarket supervisor who has obtained the job due to his family connections with the store's owner, and has outstanding debts to settle with the local loan sharks.

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One of the finest xxx collection of porn videos to provide only obedient action with naughty women.During auditions, he falls in love with the young woman he picks to be the leading actress, Shruti.She belongs to an orthodox, nouveau riche New Delhi family, and her father is a real estate magnate who is lampooned for his philistinism.Statistics say that most of the men and women on this planet have, at least once, cheated on their partner.More than 50% of the married couples said that they have cheated at one point in life.

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