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Kenya and monique are the two females in this ffm interracial threesome.These two black babes have natural boobs and only one has a bubble butt.We estimated rates among HIV-infected persons based on community HIV prevalence.We projected the national burden of pneumococcal bacteremia cases based on these rates.Participants are asked if and where they sought health care.Using household visit data, we defined SARI as an episode with cough or difficulty breathing and reported fever and defined acute febrile illness as someone with reported fever without cough, difficulty breathing, or bloody diarrhea.All participants who resided permanently in the area for 4 calendar months and had been registered in the KEMRI/CDC Demographic Surveillance System were eligible for participation in surveillance [All 33 enrolled villages are within 5 kilometers of the referral facility, Lwak Mission Hospital, which has both outpatient and inpatient capacity.

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Although causing substantial morbidity, the burden of pneumococcal disease among older children and adults in Africa, particularly in rural settings, is not well-characterized.

We evaluated pneumococcal bacteremia among 21,000 persons ≥5 years old in a prospective cohort as part of population-based infectious disease surveillance in rural western Kenya from October 2006-September 2008.

Blood cultures were done on patients meeting pre-defined criteria - severe acute respiratory illness (SARI), fever, and admission for any reason at a referral health facility within 5 kilometers of all 33 villages where surveillance took place.

Among 1,301 blood cultures among persons ≥5 years, 52 (4%) yielded pneumococcus, which was the most common bacteria isolated.

The yield was higher among those ≥18 years than 5-17 years (6.9% versus 1.6%, p 95%).

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