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Australia has paid consultants to work in Port Vila Central Hospital.

Locally the town is most commonly referred to simply as "Vila" (with a long i sound, not like English "villa").

Vanuatu is still dependent on foreign aid, most of which comes from Australia and New Zealand, although in recent years aid has also come from the People's Republic of China.

One example was New Zealand paying to train doctors selected from the local community, then paying part of their wages during the first year after qualification.

In May 1606, the first Europeans arrived at the island, led by the Portuguese explorers Pedro Fernandes de Queirós and Luis Vaz de Torres.

In the 19th century when the islands were known as the New Hebrides, the British possessed economic control of the zone, though by the end of 1880, the economic balance began to favour the French; this transition can be seen in its nickel mines of New Caledonia and plantations.

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