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Me and mom promised that we will continue this till death do us part and never let the love we have to die and but there is no way we let dad know about this.

We always had safe sex and never took the risk of not using a condom.

This might be the reason she is happy with our secret relationship and never wants to end it.

To make the sexual life more interesting, we also have sex in hotels.

We make out like boyfriend and girlfriend do, and obviously, make ultimate love on the sheets of our bed, merging our bodies and soul, making us one another’s.

Little did she know what nasty things we did under the blankets with the gifted privacy she gave us in short, the past one year has been the most blessed year of my life.

I almost forgot why would I set up an alarm at 7 am in the morning where I was supposes to be snoring to glory and all of a sudden I remembered, the days are special indeed very special.

It was the day a year back which changed the whole moment of my life and before I say, let me introduce myself and my family.

I have never entered her pussy without precautions.

I really wished I could, feeling the real inside of her, having a skin to skin contact but she would never agree to that, and I was really fine with it at least I had her to be mine.

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