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When asked to describe “ Red Eye” in 2008, Greg called it “a serious political talk show that covers the most pressing topics of the day, and sodomy.” At the end of the day, that says it all.

Best thing about “ Red Eye” is that they don’t keep doing the same stuff in perpetuity.

[Think: Top Ten List.] Eventually, recurring bits disappear, replaced by new ones.

I loved when Greg responded to viewer mail, but they don’t do that anymore, probably after he ran out of insults.

Jo No is a former Miss New York and trained thespian, so also not an experienced commentator, at first, unless you count those tough pageant interrogations. Big names were not rushing to appear on Fox News when “ Red Eye” began, even in the middle of the night.

Instead, they got FNC commentators, along with comedians, musicians, writers, and various misfits who interested Greg. How many interviews can you take with Ryan Gosling hawking his latest movie or talking about his hot girlfriend?

At most, comedians plugged upcoming gigs, writers their latest work, with most guests promoting nothing but themselves.

I suspect they discovered it was a fun, somewhat odd, experience, which gave serious persons a chance to show their less serious side.

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In fairness, “ Red Eye” aired in the middle of the night, when the competition was infomercials.

[Currently AM Eastern, midnight Pacific.] When I became a fan, Bill Schulz was a regular panelist, TV’s Andy Levy their ombudsman.

In 2007, someone at Fox News Channel decided to give Gutfeld a show, although he was a writer [] and editor, not a performer or commentator.

Greg’s regulars were also writers, so it wasn’t as if he was flanked by skilled showmen.

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