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BURMA BY MAX AND BERTHA FERRARS ■s- LONDON SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON AND COMPANY LIMITED 1900 ll Nf Vr Koi TY LLik ARY London : Printed by William Clowes and Sons, Limited, Stamford Street and Charing Cross. The best and strongest pots for cooking are not turned on the lathe but patted into shape by hand. For ornamental work, lead glazes, coloured with vitriols, are employed. Of late, owing to a fresh impulse from India, masonry has again come into greater use. The surface soil is rejected and the earth dug with mattocks a yard or two deep.

Most of the venomous snakes of India are common to Burma, excepting the small and deadly kraii. comes upon bricks, and on nearly every hill bricks bear evidence that at some time a zedi had crowned the top.

Decoy-birds are used for snaring these, and also the ring-doves (dyd). A great lizard (/«/^), weighing twenty to forty pounds, infests hollow trees ; it is shot and eaten by the Burmans, and its skin used for sandals.

Burma a distinct type— Previous isolation— Influence of Buddhism— Current misconcep- tions about Burma — Sketch of history ......... A silver pheasant [yit) is common in the bamboo forests. Wild or jungle fowl {taw-dyef) are common in all the dry forests. 94 BURMA ^:'z-:^^:& 'J SM £^^«yifp 7^ r^-U^« ''-'''i-~M^0''-^^M.'' "'^j^p M^ ^»^^ m ^^^ t m ^^^^^^^^^^ r A' i ■:^^'* '^4M w^- 1 ^ H ^H m ^m one commonly notices.

Thamin are found in the plains on the coast of Pegu, and again in the north-west of Burma Proper.

Chronic wars — Brigandage — Village system — Native administration — British administra- tion — Royalty — History . There are four species of deer: the sat {sdmbar of India), the dayi (porcine deer), i^z (barking deer, roe), and a beautiful species peculiar to the Eastern Peninsula, the thamin (brow- antlered deer), which has the form and stature of our red deer.

Only on Sex will you be able to receive such a treatment. Cross-bows, snares, and traps for game are used by the hill people, in default of firearms. Weapons were bad, and the moso is a poor marksman ; but he manages to approach very near to his quarry. If it cannot be thus disposed of, it is cut into strips and sun-dried. Wild buffaloes ("bison," pymmg) frequent the forests. A wild goat lives in some of the rocky limestone hills. Such venison as is obtained is hurried off to the nearest market town, where it is retailed fresh.

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