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Description Kim is sexy redhead with cute tiny titties.Click the Next button at the right top of the screen to see her performing oral sex.Ir is the industrial relation which mainly related with discipline of the organisation culture.Er is the employee relation is concentrate on the development of the employee social dispute issues in a smooth way.V DEAR Friend, ER -Employee Ralations i.e how u mantaine the relationship with individuals.

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In other words, HR deals with all matters pertaining to the Personnel Management that includes responsibilities of payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and Central/federal tax laws.Includes implementing of Management strategies,policies ,labour mobility , Recruitment/Resourcing/Separation, Training & Development, Appraisal, Employee Welfare/Benefits, Payroll, Competenacy mapping,etc., 2. Now a days it is very sensitive and important management aspect. IR means the relationship between the employer and employees.It involves maintaining of good employee& employer elationships to contribute good productivity, Morale, Motivation, Employee development, Employee engagement, Grievance investigation,to meet out statutory & non statutory compliance to employees, Legal compliance,avoiding of disputes / conflicts issues etc.,we can say ER means maintaining of Healthy atmosphere,taking care of flow of work between organization and workers. It includes Disputes Act, Trade union Act, All labour laws, LTS/Collective bargaining/Negotiation/RLC, Disciplinary actions/shop floor discipline actions, Domestic enquiry, Conciliation, RLC, Labour Court cases.,legal compliance.,etc., Rgds Ramalingam.dear sukhpal, hr is human relations which describes the relationship between or among the human, emotional relation is the relation which describes one's feelings and emotions, and ir is industrial relation which deals with the relationship among or between employees in industry. hr is the concentrate more on the development aspect of the employee to achieve the goal in a modern trend. regards, roopa faculty, email: Hi, In the field of human resource the above mention field are interrelated with the employee to achieve the organisation goal.

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