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But I wanted to be friends with them, and that’s how it happened. “Ain’t no ghosts here girl, and you’re trespassing.One Halloween they dared me to go into Miller’s cornfield and up to the house. It made me feel a little better that he was laughing, like there weren’t any ghosts and I let my breath out. Turn your light off.” I don’t know why I did, but I was scared so I turned off my flashlight.You can register, create your own playlist, upload videos and interact with other users!We are making daily improvements on this porn search to make it easyer for visitors!“Your fucking wet little girl.” I was so ashamed I couldn’t say anything.He pulled my hand and forced me down on my knees then pushed me back to lay in the cornfield.I started getting really scared, and was running through the rows of corn trying to find my way out when I ran into Mr. He shined his light right in my eyes as I ran into him. ” I was so scared I just froze, even though I knew he saw me. ” He laughed at me and dropped the light so I could see him standing there with Duke. He pulled me back and I saw him shaking his head as he turned his flashlight off. I won’t call no one, but you gotta do something for me.” Even in the dark I knew he was looking at me and I was getting spooked. ” “I wanna see those pretty little titties you got under there. My nipples were getting so hard I didn’t know what to do.Little girl titties, push your shirt up.” I was disgusted and made a noise to let him know and he just laughed. Miller shined his flashlight on me, watching as I exposed myself to him. “Oh those are nice titties baby, so firm.” He moved closer to me and I didn’t see his hand but suddenly he was massaging one of my tits. I even pressed against his hands once and that turned him on.

My dad would beat the heck out of me if I got arrested, and there was no one to see so I nodded. As he was down there I felt him pulling at my jeans, then suddenly he was sliding them down my hips. “Sir.me sir.” Then he slapped my tits as his other hand pulled my jeans down to my feet. He’d slapped me and it hurt but when he slapped my tits they got harder, and I could feel my cunt getting wet it didn’t make sense. Once he had my pants down, one hand started rubbing my panties and he moaned aloud.“No..” I screamed “Not a dog..please..” But it was too late, it took Duke only seconds to find the entrance and I felt his hot doggy dick slide into my wet cunt. Miller took it from me, and in one movement shoved it up my cunt. ” I shook my head whimpering as he fucked the corn into me, then he pulled it out and showed it to me. He reached down and pushed me over to lay on my stomach. “This is your cornhole slut.” Then he shoved it inside me, splitting my ass open. It didn’t last long, when I came too he was still fucking my ass with the corn and it hurt.I screamed, the base of the corn was even bigger than Duke’s cock had been. Miller just laughed and started fucking me with the corn. It hurt so bad I screamed over and over again even while I was spewing cum from my cunt. He shoved the corn up my ass and left it there, then flipped me back over and straddled my face again.Then he turned and barked “Duke.” The big German Sheperd came to his side, and they were both looking at me. Duke didn’t need any more encouragement, he put his mouth to my cunt and started licking.I came right away, embarrassed and scared and totally loving Duke’s doggy tongue in my cunt. Miller watched, slipping his jeans off and then his underwear. He slapped it across my cheeks a few times the pushed it into my mouth moaning.

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