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Lately, it had become her favorite subject but wasn't very fun if all she had to work with was herself.

She couldn't even see what she looked like that well.

Their situation aboard the emergency shuttle was somewhat unique: Tica had been born a few months after the evacuation, and had never met any human except her mother, Carla.

Carla opened her mouth but closed it again, completely lost for words.

To make the situation even worse, the shuttle had not been equipped with the resources to keep two humans alive, and everything non essential had been converted into food, including clothes.Tica found her mother unusually cheerful the next day, and was happy all the fuss about her studying mating had blown over.Still, it was a shame that she couldn't use Puter anymore for sex-ed.Carla was such a heavy sleeper, and didn't even stir despite her sleep shift going over time.Taking matters into her own hands, Tica spread her mother's legs.

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