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With group transformations, separations, celebrations, and desperation, this week’s Naked And Afraid XL was chock full of survival survival excitement. In separate camps, Alana and Shane both attempt to get larger sources of much-needed protein.But when one teammate is successful, the question of whether salvaging a friendship is worth losing protein comes up. Shane, who thinks survival should be active, and Alana and Dani B., who think survival should be lazy, can't get on the same page about how to handle basic survival tasks. feels like the odd woman out, she goes on little adventures by herself.Rio Negro teammates Laura and Eva don't know where she goes, so they have to focus on their own survival more than taking care of a third teammate.

Note that AOL is blocking all emails mentionning 'xnxx.com'.The team is at odds when they weigh the risk of climbing the incredible heights vs. You met these survivalists when they took on the 21-day Naked And Afraid challenge.Re-live their classic moments before you see them tackle the bigger, badder 40-day Naked And Afraid: XL challenge.Check out a never-before-seen clip from Day 38 in South Africa when two male lions intimidated the survivalists’ rangers and Naked And Afraid XL Producer, forcing the crew to stay in the shelter. The extraction for this challenge is unlike any other the survivalists have endured.

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