Xp mapped network drives not updating Flirt kontakte

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The drive are mapped by a script , so there's no manual mapping here. A mapped drive is just a shared folder on one machine, that appears over the network as a drive on another.

In the mapped drive there's an excell file that they frequently use and I've placed a shortcut of this file on their desktop for accessibility. It can be done manually, for the ordinary home user, or scripted, in a corporate setting.

Or you can do it the old fashioned way in a DOS command line with SUBST Or at work we have a bunch of different user groups, each has its own set of permissions and access rights.

Each will find their files stored in a set of lettered drives, which they can have access to according to their group membership, with the admin group being able to see all of these folders.

Is it possible somehow from computer02 to browse drive...

We have a mapped drive that is not always refreshing.

I have tried to add the LSA compatability in the registy and stopped using a PIN in favor of password to sign on to windows.

Until today it was only affecting me and my work around was to browse to the actual share.

Our Director had the is this morning, I did the same for him, but he won't be able to do this without IT.

Each group's core folders have a drive letter, e.g. In fact these are all mapped drives on the server and sit as folders in the same physical machine. But, the mapped folder/drive doesn't need to synchronise.

It is shared in realtime and stays resident on the host machine. Or maybe the spreadsheet is saving to a different folder.

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