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Maybe one day male nudity won’t be a novelty act, but rather equal opportunity exploitation.

That, finally, men are being treated like the kind of piece-of-meat sex objects that women have been for, oh, the last 3 million years.. Nothing speaks more to this than the perfectly ironic timing of the #dadbod trend, the Internet’s celebration of male bodies thickened with pudge from years of childrearing (i.e. But more importantly, the context is profoundly different. Just imagine for a moment if the movie coming out this month was Magic Michelle instead of Magic Mike.eating the Easy Mac leftovers.) Men are apparently desirable eight pack or no eight-pack! You guys don’t even need to have arms that look like snakes that swallowed elephants to be objects of desire.   If you're happier expressing frequencies in meters (of wavelength),  this corresponds to from about 5.5 meters to around 0.5 meters. There are some pretty big gaps in there, though; TV doesn't use  every frequency in that range (among other things, FM radio takes a  chunk of it).

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