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will be going up against Europa Corp's action-thriller The Lake, starring Sullivan Stapleton, and Universal's horror-thriller Split, starring James Mc Avoy.There are also four high-profile movies opening one week prior on January 13.If you are even tipsy and are considering driving home, please ask one of the hosts (Autumn, Drue, or Matt H) for assistance please.***(who else noticed the 666 there?M N MU M 0s W wen os N «P U POl OP -J w -J03 PWUi WCD * C w -0 CDH -J (rotnw H wyiso*-o wo -jmso ^]0 W-JN H Us wsoso *P» SCO*, |WH H «* AOTi P k SO QDN-J «y co y t-» co owy r w -i / fi. H o oo boooo ooo oo|oc OOO CC o ooo o CD 03 _ I CO CO x z X » 2 r a - to a a » -1 1 o o X z mx -tm m z im z r O -H CO -. CO ■JO 0* *V 0- -H -J ^ w'w w ft* M ** K -* so - ft. The third explosive chapter of the blockbuster franchise that redefined the spy thriller finds extreme athlete turned government operative Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) coming out of self-imposed exile and on a collision course with deadly alpha warrior Xiang and his team in a race to recover a sinister and seemingly unstoppable weapon known as Pandora's Box.Recruiting an all-new group of thrill-seeking cohorts, Xander finds himself enmeshed in a deadly conspiracy that points to collusion at the highest levels of world governments. Caruso (I Am Number Four) is directing x Xx: The Return of Xander Cage. John (London Has Fallen) with current revisions by F. W W WWH H *x * ft roopoo «i W*ft PO COpjs O -J SO w y-yy*. z 5 up uviopo -»-j wnh|wh VNNSOSOWHO * KX-J-jy-s Tllw NSOCDylo Nsoas Os ooj-j-j -jpj -josy tn so oo boo oo ccoooo o SO SO COOOOO ooo ooo C C C so 1 C O O c s0S0Hs OH|OOOOHr OOOs0H oosoy ftfjp o« * •-.

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You can view the new x Xx photos in the gallery below. Ot ot ot otiot a\ a Ot a M OOOi OOOOO Ot Ol CT 01 Ol OCC O O CT CT. o « ifl C to (0 W-J 01 W -0 t O O MCnyt O yi OO yi OM to (flf-O J ft. MVOCh Wtfl to lfl J X c o 0\M O Ol X M Wto O t C Cfl CDXCD h. lfl Ifl M M Jl -J CO o tv, too o -ox y w 3* -0W Wt OW CO COM M O M C W N oo n; o- w » lfl ft. \i » CO N jr tnco O CO ft wen W HI* -J t OU - ^C j COCOA W* ON * NVVOO' 4i, p ftftt. 1 WWNb*^Nr*h J0Sftt0«-^ «oobooocicc oocooooocococcoccop ol-o^j-j-oc-b\uii-*i-*o ft ft ft WJW W WH ft. cccccccreccn Dscccnococ DCDCEOD s CO W H N ft 3 was ft. HHrt H^ltrt^'Vin* 3 ^ D z Oh n ca * It H tiooox IT O OX, t oxoj MO t OO) CD CXI ft * IJX t- HO ifl 10 ox « r- c- t- Ct B t- POit ox ox r-t- 10 ox ox ox ox ox ox ox t-c-f-e- O r4l O OOO COCO CO O C F4JHPCJ CWItf^* * 10 Ul IO 10 IO *CD OO y J r-c-e*B« f- c-e- p Ot 0i Ol Ot 0i O O Olt Ot ff Ot Ot ON ..... WO W OOO OOOO OO O C OIO o 10 ifi'X O ft- ft- to ^ ►-■ m oo OO C OM M c o o o x ro z 3 c c I r Crt E Crt Crt O Z I I r0 U S » ■ ss too 1 , jy tncfl -oc o. t OOO M Ul CC *• yi OM XOM o y o o a m-o%o (fl to o y « CT Ifl OO 10 (AM WM MOlfl M O XOO M N -1 XM to c N M J 4* ft. o o X il X M M M M M WM MM *3 SCUM (AN N OMO M 01M W lfl O ♦• to to -OO 10 7i lfl M W •0 ft. HMO W »s 5 MX M o t OO too- to wo wcr M W M X 9i ft. tototo th *o W-3 OMX t OOl MMM u-otoov ocnc Doui MO*. WICDM \J •cwo to * WM NCC OS OI4VM W Cf WCDM -4 -3 • * MMWM V* ««OUI •4 -JO M CO -) -3 WO COUI«Oi O'0\«WW • • • • MX t OO^ M WMW*. h II X -4J till M O 10 o woe o 5 n "SMI ON' o o , M -Ot OM W OX ♦ f O-jch-saxo*- -Jw Wm ONX 4VM W -4 en OD w Ch O O X X 1 WCTi M 1 NOO . Sony will debut the long-awaited adaptation The Dark Tower, with Paramount's Friday the 13th, Warner Bros.' Geostorm and Paramount's Monster Trucks also opening on that date.The latest photos from showcase some of Vin Diesel's motorcycle training, which we also get to see in one of the videos.

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