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In addition, the world reknown Professor Ellsworth Huntington [8] of Yale University remarked, "…the Sikhs are the only one of these… That as important religious selection took place among them in early days seem clear. In another document Polier [9] said, "But what is more to be admitted is that those Seik (Sikh) Sirdars (Chiefs), whose territories border on the King's were but very lately of the Jauts (Jats) and of their race and tribe ---- they have put on their iron bracelet, fifty of them are enough to keep at bay a whole battalion of the king's forces, such as they are". No longer would they turn the cheek to their persecutor, and they began to group themselves by tribes and confederacies known as Misals…".People do not accept a new faith unless there is something in their temperament which responds to that faith…. Professor Huntington's assertion of the original Sikhs belonging to the Jat background is supported by several European eyewitness account writers of the eighteenth century: Colonel A. In the eighteenth century Sikhs were very successful in establishing twelve principalities or confederacies called Misals (Misal is a Arabic word means alike or equal [4]).This is also known as the Fyzulpuria Misal after a village near Amritsar (Punjab) called Fyzullapur. Karora Singh belonged to the Jat background [7] and the Misal was popularly known after his name.The Misal was founded by a Jat landlord named Kapur Singh Virk who later on was popularly known as Nawab Kapur Singh Virk [7]. Two Jats named Sangat Singh and Mohar Singh were the founder of this Misal [7].At least nine of these Misals were founded by the Jats.The history of each of the Misals founded in the eighteenth century by the Jats is briefly described below [6, 7, 15-17].The Jats are thoroughly independent in character, and assert personal and individual freedom, as against communal or tribal control, more strongly than any other people".

A British Officer, Captain Falcon, in his Handbook on Sikhs [1] wrote, in 1896, "The back-bone of the Sikh people is the great Jat Race, divided and sub-divided into numerous clans.

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This powerful Misal of the Sikhs was founded by Bhim Singh of the Jat background.

The name "Bhangi" is derived from the members of the confederacy who made use of Bhang, an intoxicating drug manufactured from hemp [7, 16].

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