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The Reunion provided the debut spot for the only HP 3000 emulator, the Charon HPA from Stromasys.

Then the meetings began to evolve to reconnect us without needing a formal program.

Dave Wiseman notified us about a 2017 gathering he's setting up for the Bay Area.

So we used to all be good friends in the community and its about time we met up again for a beer or three.

There's something about these leaders that can rouse people to return.

The Bay Area in summertime has drawn a rich collective of 3000 veterans and experts.

After Interex closed up shop suddenly in 2005, Alan Yeo organized a late-binding gathering in 2005, then another in 2007 and another in 2009, all in Silicon Valley.

By 2011, Yeo was working along with me and Marxmeier Software's Michael Marxmeier to put on the HP3000 Reunion at the Computer History Museum.

he's available for the meeting, even before it's got a firm date and time and location.

We had a couple of very pleasant meetings in the UK and I am in California early June so I thought that I might organize one in the valley around June 5/6/7th.

I am happy to organize a meeting while I'm in San Francisco.

Lately the meetings have moved exclusively to this Special Interest Group.

Last year there was a lunch meeting at the Duke of Edinburgh pub, set up by Birket Foster.

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