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, released in 2002, was most definitely a product of its time.Directed by Rob Cohen, the blockbuster was a sports and adrenaline charged take on the espionage genre at a time when even James Bond himself was giving into the schlock that was no masterpiece, at least it took its time to introduce its characters and have an ounce of tension to its spy filled proceedings.I can’t in my right mind give this movie a rating higher than an eight, because it’s all plot, no story, and features some of the worst dialog I have ever heard within a film.But excess is the name of the game here, and makes for one of the most entertaining theatrical experiences that I’ve had in a long time.In all honesty, I’ll find myself slightly more embarrassed to own this film in the future simply because of her performance.

He also gets to showcase a sense of liveliness in a few scenes where he dances around and acts silly, which is quite refreshing. Overall, both Yen and Jaa’s inclusion adds some serious martial arts credibility to the film.It was also a tad longer and more blockbuster centric, which made it feel all the more eventful.has those blockbuster flourishes, but flies by so quickly and so painfully rests upon a plot that few would care for, that it seemed more so a cash grab meant to bring in some audiences desperate for some more action.There’s still villains who want to rule the world, undercover secret agents, and government tech rooms, but it hardly feels very spy-esque if you ask me.Much the same way that tames down the espionage with an attitude angle for a more team driven international action blockbuster.

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