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Before I changed the Google safe search setting to Strict, I searched for “topless dancers” and encountered plenty of flesh in the image results.

After locking Strict search, I searched again and got this message.“The word “topless” has been filtered from the search because Google Safe Search is active.”Also the brightly colored icon and “Safe Search is locked” message clearly show that strict filtering is in place.

County staff had suggested lowering the distance from a mile to 1,000 feet. The zoning changes offer residents more opportunities and flexibility for their property, Rudnicki told the board.

One zoning change made it easier for gunsmithing as a home occupation.

"We're trying to streamline it, so we can make it simple and encourage businesses to come to our county," Supervisor Dick Grice said Wednesday.

The county's previous buffer zone put adult entertainment sites at least a mile from residential areas, child care centers, religious establishments, primary and secondary schools, public parks and similar areas.

County staff amended the gunsmithing restrictions to forgo the conditional use permit in lieu of notifying neighbors of the business.Follow these steps to ensure a “child-friendly” searching environment for your family.If you have your computer set up with more than one user account, follow these steps for user.Then I’ll explain how to do the same on a mobile device.1. You can lock Safe Search to the “strict” setting if you have a Google account.(If you use Gmail, upload videos to You Tube, or use Google , you have a Google account.) The lock means search settings cannot be changed without your Google password.

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