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Knowing it would pass anyway, President Barack Obama let the law through, but refused to sign it.

The president symbolically let slide a deadline to ink his name on the legislation -- which he has called unnecessary -- meaning the 10-year sanctions renewal will automatically become law.

Iran has enjoyed good relations with Nicaragua, one of the poorest states in the Americas, and particularly its leftwing president, former rebel Daniel Ortega, who returned to power in 2007.

Both countries share an antipathy towards the United States.

Even if it were pointless, however, Tehran was up in arms, with both the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani calling the renewal a "clear violation" of the accord and lodging a formal complaint with the United Nations.- 'Posturing' -So is Iran right about a violation?

Iran points to Article 26 of the deal, which says the US "will refrain from re-introducing or re-imposing the sanctions specified in Annex II", which includes ISA.

Zarif made Nicaragua the second stop of a Latin American tour that began Monday in Cuba and which was to include Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.

The reason Iran is going to the complaints process is not just the Iran Sanctions Act, it is also other areas where the other side has not played its part," he said.Yet work on Nicaragua's canal, meant to have started two years ago, has not begun.HKND, the Chinese group tasked with the huge job, now says it should start at the end of this year.It argues that even if the sanctions remain suspended, the law has still been "re-introduced"."The US Congress never liked the deal and now that Obama is leaving office, they're trying to find ways of violating the deal without being too obvious about it," said Foad Izadi, a world politics professor at the University of Tehran.Western analysts disagree, saying Iran is just trying to score political points."If it doesn't have any practical impact, who cares about the legislation?

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