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Following the logic of Partition, many people in Pakistan expected that Kashmir would join Pakistan.However, the predominant political movement in the Valley of Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir National Conference) was secular, and was allied with the Indian National Congress since the 1930s.Srinagar is the summer capital, and Jammu is the winter capital.Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in India with a Muslim-majority population.By 1956–57 they had completed a military road through the Aksai Chin area to provide better communication between Xinjiang and western Tibet.India's belated discovery of this road led to border clashes between the two countries that culminated in the Sino-Indian war of October 1962.

The state has special autonomy under Article 370 of the Constitution of India.

Maharaja Hari Singh became the ruler of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir in 1925, and he was the reigning monarch at the conclusion of the British rule in the subcontinent in 1947.

With the impending independence of India, the British announced that the British Paramountcy over the princely states would end, and the states were free to choose between the new Dominions of India and Pakistan or to remain independent.

At the beginning of 1948, India took the matter to the United Nations Security Council.

The Security Council passed a resolution asking Pakistan to withdraw its forces as well as the Pakistani nationals from the territory of Jammu and Kashmir, and India to withdraw the majority of its forces leaving only a sufficient number to maintain law and order, following which a Plebiscite would be held.

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