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Ran is unhappy with Shinichi neglecting her and plans to win his heart back with an impractical act. Shinichi and Shiho's desperate struggle to keep them safe. The Antidote is lost but time continues to move forward. Set one year after shinichi returns The secrets of leaves lived and died with them, never told, never shared. However, during the waiting, Shiho also continued to accompany him with understanding.How will the two affected by the Black Organization move forward themselves? The marble floor never echoed the footsteps of the lovers who ran across them. When Ran returned, will he live with Ran, or would he realize Shiho's presence?With no clue what Haibara feels about him, he concocts a plan to find out, but hopefully it won't go too far. -REVISED- After months of tracking the Black Organization down, he finds himself along with his friends in a bloody aftermath of a firefight. So when she finally gets a hold of him, letting go is not an option.Co XAi Shinichi and Shiho have returned to their normal lives, with both of them attending school. What with all the crime-fighting, and super-secret identities, and emotionally-stunted men, and old flames, and meddlesome friends and family. Picks up right after the end of 'City of Heroes' (2x01).(Slightly AU) The Black Organization has finally been discovered and taken down. Now they're in for the toughest lesson of their lives: you never know what you've got until it's's suppose to be if watson a woman's sequel and i always say i don't like sequel, i'm such a hypocrite , it's just the way i feel about the connection between all the character and HOLMES. Narusaku A case forced Shinichi to wait for Ran as she had done for him before.She can't bake, but that's not going to stop her trying... So by the time it rolled around that year, she'd entrusted that information to both Oliver and Thea. Sebuah kasus memaksa Shinichi menunggu Ran seperti yang telah Ran lakukan untuknya. this is a dialog between shinichi kudo and haibara ai, kind of AUish. But he didn't think that he would have to resort to using Ino's help to sort out his marital differences.

This might be in connection with research & development activities, manufacturing and production or ‘in-service’ situations.

Years after the detective has shrunk and the Black Organisation reduced to ashes, Conan struggles to accept Ran's married life to another man.

But when a peculiar case emerges that has links to the Organisation, Ai's life is endangered. They are powerful by their own, unmatched when together. Chapter 5: Shinichi hadn't understand what happy accidents meant until he sees his partner singing barefooted in the pouring rain.

Edotek has been engaged on tasks which may have taken anything from half a day or up to 3 years to complete!

Typical activities include; We can act for you purely in the role of consultants providing technical information, or become involved in ‘hands on test-work’ in order to solve your problem.

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