Zim contacts for sex

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Given the size and weight of trucks, this can increase the risks of serious injury and death.“Truckers use these substances to cope with long working hours and fatigue,” noted one researcher.“But trying to change the culture will be hard.Both road transport companies and truck drivers benefit financially from these long working hours.”Long-haul truck drivers and their commercial sex contacts (CCs) have been associated with the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Zimbabwe and most other developing countries.

Traditionally, sexual enhancing herbs have been known to be used by men.

But experts warn that over the long term, continued use of high doses can be harmful to health.

Furthermore, other research shows that the use of stimulants prompts drivers to take more risks on the road and they are linked to an increased risk of falling asleep at the wheel and a subsequent road traffic collision.

The results of this study raise growing concern about truck drivers using psychoactive substances.

Experts say SES and alcohol abuse are often used to dull reaction times and stave off fatigue and boost concentration.

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